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About Our Family

Welcome to the Sauer family! A little more about us, we are Darren and Tracey. We have 3 beautiful children and 4 wonderful grandchildren, Connor (Nicoda, Octavia, Keinan), Darrienne (Mitch, Myah, Reya Metherell) and Zoey.

Our family has always lived close to their roots. Darren, growing up in Lintlaw, SK and Tracey in Kelvington, SK. Darren and Tracey were married in 1986 and made their home in Kelvington, where they raised their 3 children.


Living in town could not take the country out of Darren. They purchased 5 acres of agriculture land within the town limits in the early 1990’s where they cleared brush and trees to establish a Strawberry Farm. Sauerberry Farm was in operation for many years until life and kids became too busy.


In 2018, Darren retired from Viterra and decided to look into a specialty crop once again. The love of Garlic and creating specialty products was born.

We look forward to sharing our great products with you!


Our Values

The Sauer’s believe in helping others and appreciating what they have and have been given. Hard work, determination and following your dreams is their mantra.


We encourage our children to be whatever they want to be and always lead by example. If you make a mistake own it, learn from it and become a better person.


Nature, being outdoors is important. Fresh air, the sun and wind on your face is the best feeling.


We feel most fortunate and lucky to be able to have most of our family close to us. Our children live close by and we can watch our grandchildren grow. We are ever so grateful for the support and help we receive from our family, children, friends and community. Small town living creates an extended family that one does not understand unless you live it.

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Myah Tradeshow helper

Our Community

Kelvington is very important to Darren and Tracey. They both have served years on Town Council. Darren had spent four years as Deputy Mayor and Tracey was Mayor from 2016-2020.


They also belonged to many different clubs, boards and participated as community volunteers when needed. Darren and Tracey also actively participated in their children’s activities as coach or Board Members. They have always encouraged their children to give back. The family assisted Zoey in her fund raising efforts for various animal organizations raising approximately $10,000 over 5 years.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide high quality, favourable garlic and garlic products.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide a healthy natural choice of Canadian Grown Garlic Products for consumers. We wish to celebrate the intense flavour of naturally grown Canadian garlic.

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